Do you homeschool?

Our main mode of education with the kiddos has always been homeschool based with a mix of local opportunities as enrichment. (Woodland Park, looking at you!) We also support radical unschooling and attachment parenting methods. While we operate under the homeschool title, we are actually lifeschooling. We could also fit in the realm of roadschooling as well.

Do you have a job?

I do! It’s awesome! I work for a digital marketing company. The owners of the company are full time RVers and we predominantly market for RV sales companies and campgrounds all over North America. My office is outside, or in my RV, or in a coffee shop, or library…I can work wherever I am!

David is recently retired, but keeps busy hiking, birding, and keeping Lady and the Camp travel ready. I’m trying to talk him into doing some writing.

We also do resident volunteer work for Florida State Parks (may expand our reach soon, but for now we are scheduled into 2019-check our blog for our itinerary)

Are you still in school (college)?

I am! I successfully complete my ASL certificate + a couple of extra ASL & interpreting related classes in May of 2017. I transferred to Southern New Hampshire University in Sept 2017 and am working to complete a Multi-Media Design degree. I have a 4.0 gpa and am on the President’s List (whatever that means…just give me some scholarships already!)

When will you be back in Colorado?

(or Florida, or Montana, or Idaho, or New Mexico, or Texas…)

I don’t know…but I will let you know as we know. It’s hard to make long term plans because we discover new things as proceed on this journey.

Do you have internet?

Yes. We are currently using AT&T’s unlimited data plan. I use my phone as a hotspot while working on the computer. The kids and the tv (netflix & amazon prime video) use the Mobley ZTE wifi hotspot, which provides wifi in the same way our phones hotspot does.
This does not always provide a full enough signal to get work/school/tv, and I will often drive to somewhere that does in order to meet any deadlines. Montana is the worst state for coverage that we’ve encountered so far. We boondocked in Montana for nearly a month in places we couldn’t even get a radio signal.

Was it hard to get rid of all your stuff?

An incredibly arduous, and seemingly endless process. After living in a house for 12 years and raising children, the amount of stuff is copious. I began selling off items just under a year in advance and was still selling the last of the items days before our final departure, strait out of the temporary storage unit. I never want to have that much stuff again. I cringe just receiving mail.

Do you have a question? Ask it below!


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